The association Citydogs4Streetdogs gives out yearly on November 24th the ANIMAL CHRISTMAS AWARDS for exceptional performances in the interest of animals.  The awards symbolize public gratitude and acknowledge the achievements of the winners.


There are 3 categories: the BABY ROMA for Kids, the ROMA for adults and the FRIENDSHIP ROMA for animal shelters.


for Kids and teenagers under 20 years or private groups with average age under 20 years.


for individuals over 20 years, private groups with average age over 20 years or for official organisations.


for private animal shelters. This award entitles to 10% of the donations to the Animal Christmas events.
Nomination Process

Any person on this earth can nominate and win the award as love for animals is beyond borders. You can nominate an individual, a private group, an official organization or even yourself.

You can send in your nomination suggestions until:  November 20th,  2016. 20. November 2016.

Public Voting

The nominations will be decided through the  public voting on our website until the  November 20th. All nominations and profiles can be viewed here. One vote per computer is possible. The top 3 nominations for each  category will receive an invitation to the Animal Christmas Charity evening in Zürich.

Nominations & Winners

The winners will be announced on November 24th, 2016 live during the Animal Christmas event by Nik Hartmann. The awards will be handed over by Chris von Rohr and Charity President Noëlle Fueter-Stahel with audience and press present.