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November 24th

Zurich’s Charity Event for Animals


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November 24th  will become the  Animal Christmas Day, on which all human beings celebrate
Christmas for animals, for or with their darlings.

( Film clip: Introduction  |  01:03 min  | funny)
What is Animal Christmas about?

On November 24th all human beings celebrate for and with their pets Christmas of Animals. On Animal Christmas we give back the joy, which they honor us with daily – be it as pet, livestock or wild beast. We celebrate  in the interest of animals, support and care for them, spoil them with special treats and shower them with love.

Once a year we say Thank you.

How do I celebrate Animal Christmas?

Anyone who loves animals should on this day  think of them and do something good for them. It can be a little mindfulness like a new collar, their favorite food or a very special  trip together. But it can also mean  to go vegetarian for once  or not to wear any leather . Or go to a charity event or donate online for an  animal trust. Whether dog, cat or mouse on Animal Christmas the animals are doing  particularly well.



Citydogs4Streetdogs is a  Swiss association of honorary * volunteers (Film makers, Financial Advisors, dog sitters, animal trainers and independent entrepreneurs), who are committed to the  rescue and rehabilitation of Romanian  street dogs – and for animals in general.

* We work without any overhead: 100% of the donations is used for the benefit of our street dogs.
( Film clip: How everything begun…  |  02:21 min  |  informative & emotional )

Our Shelter

Over the past 5 years we have given hundreds of stray dogs a safe place to stay in our private shelter outside of Bucharest with our professional veterinarians, and for over 150 dogs we found  a new home  in Switzerland. A special focus of our organisation is the rehabilitation through interaction with children and teenagers  (Youth4Streetdogs). Together with the dogs they learn about themselves and life.

( Film clip: Employee Portrait  |  01:19 min  |  informative )
( Film clip: Sponsoring & Adoptions  |  01:01 min  |  informative & cute )
( Film clip: Happy Ends  |  02:10 min  |  emotional & inspiring )
How can I help?
How can I help?


Gastronomy by offering your Location, Equipment & Catering at a reduced price

Celebrities as a guest of honor, as a presenter of the event, or as a Facebook-Ambassador you can share and report about our event

 Artists & Photographers through appearing at our event, sponsoring your art work, or as a Facebook-Ambassador you can share and support our event

Animal Lovers 
 through volunteering in the preparation work leading up to the event and during the evening of the event


PR- & Creatives offer free brainstorming sessions for donations and PR campaigns, virals and other promotions, coverage of our event with pictures and videos

Print & Media Houses Coverage of the event and advertising space

Journalists as an invited guest and by writing about the event

SMEs & Entrepreneurs sponsor attractive raffle prizes

National Brands as the main sponsor and merchandising partner


Charity Event

Citydogs4Streetdogs organize an annual  charity event to ensure the annual budget for our shelter in Romania. As a result the Animal Christmas Day was created last year. So we not only gather  money and love for our street dogs, but also the same time create  a brand and holiday, that creates awareness for all animals in need. Each charity in the world can use the Animal Christmas Day for  their cause. The only condition is that  10% of the event income is given forward to another animal charity.

Event Items

Charity auction by celebrities of sponsored art and luxury items

Silent Auction of sponsered items

Drawing  raffle tickets sold during the evening

Animal Christmas Award for outstanding achievements in the interest of animals

Presentation of the annual Charity Movie

Yearly changing special events:  Live-Art, vegan fashion show, dog portrait photo shoot, etc.

Framework Program with  Aperitif, Flying Dinner & Party

We offer 

Emotional, feel-good Event

Celebrities from fashion, film, TV & society.  Familiar and affluent clientele supporting the event.

Event Coverage thanks professional PR support in digital magazines, print media and TV

Well-known presenters

Entertaining, touching film performances

Attractive, party-experienced professional DJs

Annually recurring  event with a fixed date: 24.11 (joint establishment of   Society Events)

Professional advice for Social Media and Film

Guest Profile

Personalities in fashion, film, TV, finance & society from our personal network with high influencer potential

Faithful helpers & volunteers from our association

VIP customers of  Citydogs, Kuesnacht

Lucrative target audience:  mixed breed (street dogs) are Zurich’s most popular dog breed. The wealthier  the area, the more dogs live in the neighborhood

Motivation for our guests

Touch-Point Examples


Location Requirements

Event:  24th November 2016 approx. 7pm till midnight

Capacity for approx. 150 to 250 guests

Possibility to combine  high tables, dining tables and lounge area

Catering Service with vegetarian flying dinner

Wine, beer, soft drinks, sparkling wine and a selection of  cocktails

We recommend our guests to leave their pets at home, except for miniature dogs that like to participate.

Technical requirements

Stage with  or enough space for mobile stage

Sound system with mikrophones, mixer, amplifier and speakers

Projector system with video projector and screen

Additional TV screens

Sponsoring of Auction Items and Raffle Prizes

We are looking for sponsors for raffle and  auction items: from small give-aways to valuable artwork. Sponsored prizes and their brands are presented visibly  weeks beforehand and during the event on following touch-points:

As  main event of the evening: drawing of the raffles and auctioning the items in front the audience

In the  sponsoring booklet available at the event

On several digital screens at the event

On the auction website  several weeks before the event

Main Sponsors

Animal Christmas offers one main sponsor in the area retailer, pet store & animal product manufacturer great visibility and an interesting marketing potential for instance:

To start off the Christmas shopping early: consumers would be motivated to accept an early Christmas shopping start

Special-turnover with animal products & -gifts early in the Christmas business

Additional sales with exclusive products branded with  ‘Animal Christmas’

Establishment of a new (until now missing November) holiday: Halloween, Animal Christmas, Christmas, 3-Kings, Valentine’s Day…

Example course of action

Invitation last year 

Sponsoring Booklet of last year

Digital Screens

 ( Film clip: Sponsor Presentation on the evening  |  30 sec  |  Look-Example )

PR Concept

How do we communicate?

To do good makes you happy. That is why we choose to communicate in a cheerful, playful and positive manner. The world is full of bad news. With our pro-active approach we show how easy it is to help, while having fun. Our Facebook page with an active  community and our informative website with a separate auction section serve as communications hub. With fresh ideas of  action we create a buzz for Animal Christmas and the charity event.

How we make Animal Christmas known


Thank you for your interest in Animal Christmas. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Anja Mecklenburgh
Organisation & Founder 
Tobias Fueter
Media, PR & Website

Happy Animal Christmas Day.